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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Get Over your Hesitation on Having Dental Implants

What’s keeping you from getting dental implants for your missing tooth or teeth? Most people who are wary of implants are merely misinformed about its success rate and its overall experience. There’s definitely nothing to worry about getting implants because of these reasons.

Implants aren’t painful. You may be thinking that like most dental procedures, having dental implants placed in your mouth will be painful. On the contrary, most patients experience less discomfort with their implant surgery compared to a simple tooth extraction. Furthermore, recovery from an implant surgery is typically quick, with most people able to return to work the following day.

No one is too old for implants. Patients with thinning jawbones are often advised against dental implants. With the latest grafting techniques and available materials, oral surgeons are now able to build up the necessary jawbone to support dental implants. In fact, even osteoporosis patients have reported success with dental implants, saying that these improved their quality of life.

Most dental implants are successfully integrated into the jawbone. Dental implants yield an overwhelming success rate of 96 percent. This is mainly due to implants being made of biologically compatible and bone-friendly titanium, one of the few materials that can successfully integrate with the surrounding tissues. Failed cases do happen, but only rarely, and are mainly due to improper care and maintenance.

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