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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Keeping Dental Implants Long-Lasting

According to dentists, dental implants can last up to 10-15 years with proper maintenance. The key word here is proper maintenance. But what does that involve? Below are strategies you can employ to make sure your implants last a long time.

Interdental Brush

The progressions in dental implants necessitated a change in toothbrushes, bringing the interdental brush to the forefront. This brush is smaller than conventional brushes, and it is specifically designed to help you clean in between your teeth.

Using this brush every day, in conjunction with your regular toothbrush, helps you keep your implants in good condition. You have different types of interdental brushes to use as well. Some have extra soft bristles to prevent you from scraping your gums during each brush, while others have an angled brush head with a long handle.

Oral Irrigator

Another device you’ll want to use if you have dental implants is an oral irrigator. Using pressurized water, this device helps remove biofilm (plaque) from gaps in between your teeth. This comes in handy after every meal, where there may be pieces of food stuck without you ever knowing it. This device is often seen as an alternative to flossing, with equally effective results. It is also simple to use. You just need to direct where the water stream goes on your gums and teeth.

You can have great-looking teeth, thanks to dental implants. Keep them looking striking, using the aforementioned devices above. They simplify the maintenance process and offer outstanding results if regularly used. 

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