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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dental Implants: The Key to Unbroken Smiles

Sometimes, even the best of dental hygiene practices cannot save you from losing a tooth. Accidents and old age are two of the most common incidents that can invariably lead to a tooth loss. Fortunately, advances in modern technology have seen to it that the standard procedure of getting dental implants updated, too.
More than just fixing your broken smile…
Dental implants are the modern day equivalent of the classic dentures technology, which your grandparents are most definitely accustomed to. As a denture fitting can come loose over a long period of continuous use and become a potential source of embarrassment in the future, dental implants provide a more permanent and stronger solution to the missing teeth problem.
Aside from improving your overall appearance thus increasing your level of self-esteem, dental implants also hold the advantage of being more teeth friendly as it does not need to use a bridge for installment. Though bridges are generally useful with a set of dentures, it can also damage the surrounding teeth thereby creating more problems. As a consequence, the risk of getting a new set of dentures to compensate also increases.
Candidate qualifications for a dental implant
Sadly, not everyone can be a qualified candidate for a dental implant. A visit to your local dentist is a must since this procedure can cause specific health risks for those who practiced poor oral health hygiene prior to losing the tooth. Dental implants are also not recommended for heavy smokers or those currently suffering from diabetes or osteoporosis as such procedure can increase the risk of acquiring severe gum diseases.
Visit your local dentist to find out if you are qualified to undergo such procedure. As said, dental implants can improve, not only your smile, but also your life.

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