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Friday, January 15, 2016

Common Dental Procedures You Need to Know About

Knowing some of the most common dental procedures that a dentist provides can help lessen the anxiety that comes with a first-time procedure. Since you already have an idea of what you would probably go through, you can better ready yourself.


Tooth extraction is considered to be the most common as well as the simplest procedure that a dentist would do. It is, however, very rarely the first procedure that a dentist would do. In most cases, a dentist would try to save the tooth by making use of other procedures such as tooth filling and root canals.

Fillings, Repairs and Root Canals

Aside from prophylaxis, installation of fillings and minor repairs of tooth are some of the most common procedures that a dentist carries out. Some of the common reasons why someone needs to have fillings would include tooth decay, chipped or broken tooth, and worn out tooth due to bruxism. In some cases, before a dentist could put fillings, he or she would need to have the patient undergo a root canal. Also known as endodontics, root canals are done in order to remove diseased pulp and keep the canal from getting infected.

Dental Bridges and Implants

Dental implants and dental bridges are typically recommended for those who have gaps in their teeth or have broken teeth. Between the two, dental implants are more comfortable to wear and tend to last longer.  On the other hand, dental bridges are better for those who have thinner gums or low bone density. It can be supported by your natural teeth or by a dental implant.

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