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Monday, October 12, 2015

Replace Back Teeth with Dental Implants

Your molars help you chew properly and losing one of them can be bad. There are several things that happen when one is lost. One of the main issues that will present itself when a permanent molar is lost is that the alveolar bone within the jaw will begin to melt away. Unlike other bones in the body, this bone that supports your teeth needs to be stimulated to stay healthy. You might think it takes time for this to happen, but in reality as much as 25% of the bone density can be lost in the first year after losing one or more posterior teeth.

As the bone deteriorates, it can lead to the loss of more molars. As the molars disappear, an individual must begin to change the way that they chew to adapt to the wear. The front teeth then bear the burden of crushing food because there are less teeth to handle the increased workload. This can affect not only your quality of life, but eventually the formation of your face as your cheeks and lips begin to sag. The problem will gradually become worse and will become noticeable in your outward appearance.

Once a posterior tooth is missing, the only real solution is a dental implant if you want to save your jaw bone and other teeth. If you or someone you love has recently lost a molar, be sure to consult cosmetic dentists who are well-versed in dental implants.

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